How and what is the best way to paint the entrance, step-by-step instructions and choice of composition

Even if you have a very cozy apartment, decorated in accordance with all modern trends, the road to it may not be the most pleasant - dirty, cluttered entrances do not have the best effect on the perception of the house. And if housing and communal services structures periodically update their coatings, then you are very lucky. But, if you have to do everything yourself, our article will tell you how to paint the walls in the entrance correctly.

Agree, living in a house with neat entrances is much more pleasant

Options for used compositions

Let's consider how to paint the walls in the entrance, and what features each type of solution has. Let's divide all finishing materials into two groups - budget and modern, more expensive, but also more reliable.

Most often, it is the financial component that has a direct impact on the choice of a particular option; you must admit that not everyone has the opportunity to pay significant money out of their own pocket for repairs at the entrance.

Budget line of materials

This includes exactly all those compounds that have been used by housing and communal services enterprises for the last few decades.

Let's look at each of them in more detail:

  • Lime , this material is used to finish the upper part of walls and ceilings. Its main advantage is its low price and simplicity of the process - even with your own hands you can finish very large areas in a day. But there are also disadvantages: if the walls are prone to dampness, the coating will fall off, and the appearance of the surface may deteriorate and turn yellow within a year.
  • Chalk is very similar to lime, and the coating is almost the same. The only advantage that can be noted is the low price. The disadvantages include the not very attractive appearance of the surface after finishing, the tendency of the coating to yellow and the property of chalk to get dirty.

The photo shows chalk, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

  • Previously, painting the walls in the entrance, or rather, their lower parts, was carried out exclusively with oil paints. With the development of technology, these compounds have faded into the background, but public utilities still use them. Such solutions are made on the basis of organic drying oil, so they take a very long time to dry and have a strong odor that will linger in the entrance for at least a couple of days.
  • Alkyd enamels or, as they are also called, nitro paints are a more reliable option, but they also cost more. Their use allows you to reliably protect the surface - it can be washed and cleaned. Among the disadvantages, we note a rather pungent odor and low ductility of the frozen layer, which is why the surface may crack after a couple of years.

Advice! Even in conditions of acute shortage of funds, it is better to use alkyd compounds; thanks to the durability of the coating and long service life, you can still save money.

Modern painting materials

Today, sellers offer many options that are significantly superior to traditional formulations.

The choice must be made depending on what will serve as the basis for application; the most popular solutions are the following:

  • Water-based paints have a fairly affordable cost and good performance characteristics. And, what is very important, if the surface covered with whitewash is treated with a deep penetration acrylic primer, the water-based emulsion will adhere perfectly. Another advantage is that it’s easy to work with; you don’t need instructions, the solution is immediately ready for use, and if necessary, it can be diluted with water.

How do colors combine in the interior?

The general combination of colors is presented in the tables above; now it’s time to talk about the most popular colors and how to combine them correctly in the interior.

Important! White color goes perfectly with any color, so it can be safely woven into any interior color scheme.

What color goes with gray?

Gray color has a rich hue. Many people mistakenly consider it faded and boring, because in the photo below you can see how noble the interior looks in gray, especially in combination with splashes of bright colors.

So what color goes with gray in the interior? The answer is simple - any, but the most commonly used colors are:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Brown and beige
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Lilac

The versatility of gray and its many shades makes it possible to implement any bright and creative design idea. Moreover, gray color slightly mutes bright and acidic colors, so with the help of this color you can easily correct a room that is too colorful. More photos of gray in the interior.

What color goes with brown in the interior?

The brown color in the interior must be diluted with lighter shades so as not to create a feeling of gloom. Brown with its beautiful shades (cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, caramel, camel) looks very noble and adds warmth and comfort to the room, symbolizing reliability, devotion and stability.

The main colors that harmonize with brown are the following:

  • Golden
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Beige
  • Burgundy and red
  • Mint and pastel blue

More photos of brown in the interior.

What color goes with beige in the interior?

Beige color is both a cold and warm shade, which is why it owes its versatility. This color acquired cold notes from white, and warm notes from golden brown. This light color makes the interior light and calm, adding home comfort due to the naturalness of the shade.

So what color goes with beige? Beige goes well with many shades, among which are the following:

  • Brown with all its shades
  • Gold and bronze
  • Yellow
  • Pastel and bright blue
  • Green and olive
  • Lilac
  • Red
  • Turquoise and mint

More photos of beige in the interior.

What color goes with peach in the interior?

Peach color is a soft and delicate combination of yellow and pink shades. This color gives the room coziness, warmth, peace and security. The rich color of peach brings a festive mood to the home, while muted and pastel peach is calming and peaceful.

You can make the interior colder by combining pale peach with light pink shades, and peach and orange will make the room warmer. The following colors can be called the most suitable for peach in the interior:

  • Brown with all its warm and cool shades
  • Beige and yellow
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Turquoise and mint
  • Blue and cyan
  • Purple and lilac
  • Green

What color goes with orange in the interior?

Orange color is one of the brightest and warmest colors in the interior. Even when combining it with other colors, it will not lose its richness and warmth. Orange color energizes and invigorates perfectly, so the ideal option would be to design the kitchen in orange tones, because every cheerful morning begins with this room.

The most successful combination of orange is its combination with white. This combination will be the sunniest and most energetic; moreover, this color scheme will help expand the room, which is beneficial for the kitchen and bathroom.

Advice! Orange color can be used to highlight some small decorative items. For example, you can put an orange ottoman, which will make the room look brighter and more cheerful.

The following shades go well with the radiant orange color in the interior:

  • Grey
  • Brown with all its shades
  • White
  • Red and cherry
  • Blue and pastel blue
  • Delicate shades of green
  • Yellow
  • Mint and turquoise

More photos of orange in the interior.

Do not confuse orange with terracotta, which is a mixture of red and brown in different concentrations. Terra, which is a calmer and more comfortable color, is more difficult to combine. If you still decide to contact him, then forget about artificial chemical colors and pay attention to more natural ones, the same applies to the furnishing of the room; terracotta color goes well with folk styles. Colors that will suit you: calm green or light green, lilac, blue, blue, all shades of red and brown, coffee colors (coffee with milk, cappuccino).

What color goes with purple in the interior?

Violet is a cool color of wisdom and calmness, which has light mystical notes. Scientists have also proven that the color purple has the ability to calm and pacify.

The color purple has many shades, the most popular of which are mystical dark purple, natural lavender and delicate lilac.

Purple color gives the room a noble and luxurious look, combining well with the following colors:

  • White
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Red
  • Turquoise and mint
  • Crimson
  • Blue and cyan
  • Beige and orange
  • Natural yellow (egg yolk color)
  • Light green

Photo of purple in the interior:

What color goes with green in the interior?

Green color suits absolutely any room and symbolizes peace. All warm and cold shades of green bring with them a good mood, a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Green is a rich color and that is why it is considered the most difficult color to combine.

The best solution would be to combine the shades of cheerful green themselves. For example, pistachio and lime can be added to the main emerald color, which will dilute the cold color of the gemstone.

The following colors are considered the most suitable for green:

  • White
  • Black and brown
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Gold and bronze
  • Red and burgundy
  • Blue and cyan
  • Turquoise and mint
  • Grey

Photo of green in the interior:

What color goes with lilac in the interior?

The lilac color is distinguished by its colossal tenderness and lightness and most often appeals to delicate and creative people. With the help of lilac, you can create a mysterious and mystical interior in cold colors. Such an environment is very relaxing and puts the mind into some kind of trance, which is why many avoid this color.

Most often, lilac is used in pastel colors, which look impressively delicate, as can be seen in the photo below. So the most suitable lilac colors include the following:

  • Gray and silver
  • White
  • Black and brown
  • Beige and yellow
  • Golden and carrot
  • Blue and sky blue
  • Turquoise and mint
  • Dark purple
  • Fuchsia
  • Delicate shades of green

What color goes with blue in the interior?

Blue color is used to create a delicate, light and airy interior in cool colors. Even in combination with warm colors, a room in blue will not lose its cool note and freshness.

The combination of blue and white is very popular. This combination perfectly expands the space and makes the room unusually light and delicate. Most often this color is used in bathrooms.

Advice! In order not to lose the lightness and airiness of the blue and white combination, you should not add accenting bright colors, especially warm ones.

The following colors can be called harmonious with blue:

  • White
  • Yellow brown and beige
  • green and turquoise
  • Blue and mint
  • Orange
  • Raspberry and lilac
  • Pink

Watch the video

This video lesson will show you how to correctly combine colors in the interior.

Features of the work

If you are interested in how to paint the entrance correctly, then there is nothing complicated here; all work can be divided into several stages:

  • First, you should purchase everything you need to carry out the work. If they are carried out by a contractor, he is obliged to agree with the residents on all the nuances of the repair: what color to paint the walls in the entrance, what composition will be used, in what time frame the work will be carried out, and much more.

Pleasant colors make the entrance much more comfortable

  • Many people are interested in whether it is possible to paint the entrance in winter? It all depends on the characteristics of the room: if it is normally heated and acrylic or water-based paint will be used, then it is possible. But if the entrance is cold and the composition is oily, then you should wait until spring - the composition will only dry for a day, but the windows cannot be opened, and all residents will have to suffer from acrid fumes for several days.
  • It is important to prepare the base well, if necessary, fill in uneven areas with putty and prime the surface. Only after this can paint be applied.

Advice! When work is carried out by hired specialists, each resident has the right to control the process and, in case of violations, point them out to the foreman or foreman, because the repairs are carried out at the expense of the residents.

If there are metal pipes or risers in the entrance, then they should be coated with special compounds: electrically conductive paint Zinga will come in handy, because it is very strong and durable.

Another excellent option is fire-retardant metal paints Polistil, which are resistant to open fire, which significantly increases the fire safety of premises.

An example of how to paint the walls in the entrance and make them unique

Favorable microclimate

The front door does not always require repairs. Sometimes a little refreshing is enough to transform the room. First, through joint efforts, you can do a general cleaning of the entrance. Having cleaned and washed the room of dirt, they decorate it with the help of stencils and white paint. You can also involve children from neighboring apartments in the activity.

After polishing window glass to a shine, you can purchase inexpensive cornices and the simplest material (it is advisable that it be treated with an anti-flammable compound). The windows will immediately become cozy.

It is recommended to hide hanging wires in special boxes - cable channels (see article on our website).

Inter-apartment stairwells can be decorated together with neighbors living nearby, discussing the design and everything that can be done there. After renovation, some people still have excess paint, wallpaper, or decorative plaster that can be used. Such joint work not only decorates the interior of the front door, but also brings neighbors together.

While using the information board, you can offer an interesting thematic exhibition of children's drawings, which are attached here.

Apartment doors are designated by numbers. If people who oppose smoking live in the house, you can install special prohibition signs.

Repair of house entrances - standard list of works

Apartment buildings are not only the basis, but also the future of the modern housing market, and since high-rise buildings have much more “owners” than private ones, the need for repairs arises more often. As such, repairs at the entrance can be major or routine.

The complex of capital renovation works includes repairs:

  • engineering networks;
  • roof and under-roof space;
  • basements and ground floor;
  • foundation, facade (also its insulation);
  • elevator;
  • devices and systems for recording resource consumption.

Current repair work includes:

  • painting or whitewashing of ceilings, walls, staircases, railings, panels and partitions;
  • repair and replacement of window frames, doorways and common areas, installation of glass;
  • sealing cracks and holes caused by natural wear and tear of the coating or mechanical impact (vandalism).

Ordering services for repairing the entrance to a house is under the jurisdiction of the housing office and other municipal organizations working in the field of public utilities, however, the city budget is limited and cannot always be used for repair work. Our prices for repairing entrances are rightfully considered one of the most affordable in Moscow and the Moscow region - now you don’t have to wait until funds appear in your budget, and at low costs you can quickly restore the visual appeal of your home.

How to choose the color of the floor in the apartment?

A lot depends on the choice of floor color, because the play of colors and light can distort different shades and make the room visually larger or smaller, darker or lighter.

Below are several floor color options with a detailed description of all the effects each shade has.

  • White floor will add brightness to the room and symbolize conciseness and purity. Most often, floor coverings of this color are used in small and dark rooms in a minimalist style.

  • Gray floor makes the room calm and noble, but it must be very carefully combined with other colors in the interior. It is important to remember that a gray floor goes best with black and white interiors, as well as yellow.

  • Yellow and beige floor the interior will add warmth and comfort to the room. This is the most versatile floor color that matches any type of interior.

  • Orange and red floor makes the room bright and warm, but it is important to remember that this color is highly reflected and transferred to other surfaces in the room. Therefore, it is worth maintaining a warm tone in the interior of the entire room.

  • Brown floor embodies confidence, stability and security. The only disadvantage of a floor covering of this color is the absorption of a large amount of color. But in general, this floor is universal for any interior, especially in country style.

  • Black floor in the interior it creates an aura of wealth and mysticism. It must be used very carefully, especially in combination with bright colors. Black flooring is most often used in modern interiors and very rarely in classic ones.

How to choose the color of the laminate to match the interior?

Laminate has a wide range of colors and different patterns. You can choose a board that looks like wood, or you can make a stone floor using boards with this pattern.

Laminate flooring can look very strict and noble, or it can give the room a playful country style. Below are several laminate options with a description of all the effects they have on your dream apartment.

  • White and gray laminate Most often used in apartments where the style of minimalism or Provence predominates. Rustic simplicity prevails here, which is perfectly complemented by laminate flooring.

  • Light wood laminate Great for rooms with windows facing north. This floor finish will add warmth and tranquility to the room, suitable for any type of interior.

  • Brown and red laminate adds warmth to the room and is perfect for interiors in autumn colors. But it is important that the room is abundantly illuminated, because dark floors take away light. These floor colors are very relevant in Gothic and Baroque styles.

  • Black laminate gives the room a magical mystique. To prevent such a coating from absorbing too much color, it is most often combined with white walls. The styles of minimalism, high-tech and modern are simply unthinkable without such luxurious and elegant contrasts. Glossy black laminate will prevent strong light absorption, but will add charm and luxury to the room.

Watch the video

This video shows several beautiful options and examples of floor and door color combinations.

Painting the walls in the entrance

One of the most popular types of work is painting walls in the common areas of apartment buildings. Our specialists are not only highly qualified craftsmen who can bring your entrance into complete order in record time, but also guarantee you assistance in choosing high-quality and inexpensive paintwork materials.

The scope of work includes:

  • dismantling the old finishing coating;
  • repair/preparation for painting (sealing holes, cracks, leveling, priming);
  • direct coloring;
  • cleaning the premises.

By ordering the service of repairing house entrances from RemontStroy, you get more services for less money - below you can see our prices for all types of preparatory and finishing work:

Name of wall repair work

How to choose colors for the interior using tables?

Colors in the interior have many abilities, the main of which is to create comfort and a favorable atmosphere for people. But the color scheme in the room can also expand or narrow the space. That is why you should be responsible in choosing colors for the interior and their combination. A table of color combinations in the interior, where perfectly combined colors are connected by lines, will be an excellent assistant in this regard.

How to correctly combine colors in the interior?

Many people wonder how to use the color combination table in the interior? Sometimes it is difficult and not entirely convenient. Below are tables of color combinations in an accessible and understandable form, where all popular shades are described. The trendy color is the main one, followed by colors that match it, which can be safely combined. An accent color will add brightness and creativity to the interior.

This table will tell you not only about the correct combination of colors in the interior, but also inform you about the meanings of some colors.

Main colorCombines with flowersDoesn't match with flowersPsychology and influence of color
GreyBlue, pink, brown, yellow, red, black, blue, lilacGreen, orangeGives the room despondency and sadness
LilacGrey, chestnut, light purpleRed, orange, yellow, brown, blackMystical, mysterious and mysterious interior
VioletLight green, golden, orange, yellowDark green, brown, gray, redAllows a person to calm down and find harmony of soul. Purple is the color of wisdom and inspiration
PinkBrown, gray, burgundyYellow, orange, blackRomantic interior
BrownGolden, grey, beige, pink, yellowChestnut, burgundy, lilacCauses depression when spending a long time in an interior with a predominance of brown color
BlueRed, grey, burgundy, goldGreen, lilac, brownMakes the room cool, sometimes uncomfortable
BlueRed, orange, blue, light purpleGolden, yellow, burgundyMakes the interior cold; if the color blue is too much, scandals occur more often in the room
GreenRed, black, burgundy, yellow, orangeGrey, purple, blueHas a calming and relaxing effect
YellowGrey, purple, brown, green, blackLilac, blue, burgundy, pinkThe illusion of sunlight, yellow color gives good mood and cheerfulness
RedBlue, green, grey, gold, yellow, blackPurple, chestnut, brownUplifts the mood, keeps you relaxed, suitable for passionate people
WhiteCombines with any colors and their shades, as it contains all color spectrumsThere are noneInstills a feeling of superiority, makes the room cold
BlackRed, grey, white, yellow, greenPink, lilac, beigeNarrows the space, instills fear in a person, makes the interior mysterious

The management authority is responsible for compliance with fire safety rules in houses

According to the above norms of legal acts, storerooms, warehouses and other premises that owners unauthorizedly equip in common areas in apartment buildings are prohibited. State fire supervision, when checking compliance with these requirements in apartment buildings and recording violations, has the right to issue an order to eliminate violations to the organization managing the house.

MAs do not always agree with this position, because such violations are committed by owners and tenants of premises, often without informing the MA. But in such a conflict, the law is on the side of the supervisory authority.

By virtue of Part 1 of Art. 38 of the Federal Law of December 21, 1994 No. 69-FZ, responsibility for violation of fire safety requirements lies not only with the owners, but also with persons authorized to own, use or dispose of property legally, and officials within their competence.

Under the management agreement, the management authority is obliged to provide favorable living conditions for citizens: safety for the life and health of citizens, safety of property, including compliance with fire safety measures (parts 1, 2 of article 161, part 2 of article 162 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, p. 11 RF PP No. 491).

Thus, when checking fire safety in an apartment building, the Ministry of Emergency Situations has the right to issue an order to eliminate violations by the organization managing the house. Supervisory authorities believe that the management authority must monitor the condition of the common property in the house and respond in a timely manner if the residents of the house violate such rules, for example, by blocking the escape route in case of a fire with things or storage rooms.

With whom to coordinate a redevelopment that will affect common property?


Repair of the entrance at the expense of the management company / Capital Repair Fund

Cosmetic repairs to the entrance to an apartment building relate to the current type of maintenance of the common property and are paid for from the funds of the management company or HOA. By law, it must be carried out at least once every 3-5 years - taking into account the actual wear and tear of the building. Current repairs include:

  • puttying the walls and ceiling of the entrance, sanding and painting;
  • updating the entrance group, including the canopy and doors until they are replaced;
  • floor repair: painting, repair or replacement of floor tiles;
  • painting pipes and heating systems;
  • replacing or painting mailboxes;
  • repair or replacement of staircase railings, window frames, glazing;
  • updating the lighting system in the entrance, putting wires into boxes.

How to inspire your neighbors

As practice shows, the most difficult thing in arranging an entrance is to inspire your neighbors to do so.
Unfortunately, often some residents are not even able to change the light bulb on their landing on their own. You can only encourage such citizens to improve their entrances by example. Of course, this method will not work on all neighbors, but you can get at least minimal support.

Another option is to hold a meeting at which concerned neighbors will be able to express their opinion on the arrangement of the entrance and decide what exactly can be done on their own.

How to decorate the entrance yourself

Decorating the entrance on your own is much easier than it might seem at first glance.
For example, some residents actively decorate their landings before the New Year and involve children in this; you can use stencils for drawings on windows, snowflakes, and garlands. Of course, if we are talking about more serious arrangement options, it is impossible to do without the help of adults. Unfortunately, some Russian entrances are in such a state that they can only be repaired by serious measures: painting the walls, insulating the windows.

The management authority should not allow violations of fire safety rules by residents of apartment buildings

The right of the State Fire Safety Inspectorate to demand elimination of violations of fire regulations from the management authority is confirmed by judicial practice. In case No. A47-18117/2019, the Ministry of Emergency Situations issued such an order to the management organization from Orenburg. During the inspection, the agency found that in six houses managed by the company, the owners installed storage rooms and utility rooms that were not provided for in the building designs and did not coordinate this reconstruction with anyone.

The UO appealed to the court with a demand to declare the order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations illegal. The installation of storage rooms in the entrances of apartment buildings was approved by the OSS: this is what the owners of the premises in the building decided.

The courts of three instances sided with the supervisory agency. The Management Authority did not provide permission to the court to change the functional purpose of the disputed premises. The house designs do not provide for the installation of storage rooms either in the floor corridor or in the vestibule.

The OSS documents in the disputed houses, where the owners approved the installation of utility rooms, indicate that the use of common property to create storage rooms is possible subject to the conclusion of an agreement with the management authority for the use of common property with a monthly fee of 100 rubles. The management included this fee in the payment documents as a separate line - “Use of common property.”

The courts indicated that the management knew about the construction of storerooms, which were located in the vestibules of the apartment buildings, on evacuation routes, but did nothing to prevent this. The company violated mandatory fire safety requirements. The courts of three instances refused to recognize the order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations as illegal.

How to comply with new fire safety rules: check yourself


Theater begins with a hanger

In every apartment building there will be active citizens who want to take the initiative into their own hands. The activist will have to establish contact with other residents, find out through a survey what each of them would like to see in their entrance, and what can be done. But beautifying the front door, the appearance of which, to put it mildly, is unsightly, or even completely neglected, is a thankless and useless task. Therefore, in most cases, putting things in order involves organizing repair work.

It is not at all necessary to carry out a major overhaul - often cosmetic ones are enough (see the article on our website). All organized work related to repair activities, such as painting surfaces, restoring floors and replacing door and window units, is carried out by specialized organizations attracted by the owners or management company.


After the renovation has been completed, when the room still smells of fresh paint, it’s time to take care of its design. Here, too, it is necessary to come to a common opinion, because the measures for decorating the front door, although they are approved by the majority of residents, must be agreed upon. Everyone has different tastes - some people like flowers and reproductions on the walls, but may not like graffiti.

One of the least expensive and budget-friendly ways to decorate an entryway is to invite residents to bring indoor plants or unwanted paintings at home. However, there are also restrictions on the design of the entrance. In particular, it is prohibited:

  • clutter the room with cabinets;
  • install large flower pots in them;
  • lay out carpets.

It should be remembered that the entrance is not only a passage to residential premises, but also an emergency exit. If, in the event of danger, residents stumble and have difficulty running out of the front door, this can lead to irreversible consequences.

Rock painting

Designer imagination will help make the walls original and unique. Gone are the days when surfaces were painted in monochromatic colors. Now you can even make them striped at the entrance. Single lines across the entire surface, narrow or wide, vertical, horizontal - it all depends on the ideas of the residents of the apartment building. To make the edges smooth, use masking tape.

It happens that the walls are initially painted in poisonous green or blue colors. Today there is a special paint that completely covers the sad official tones imposed by the Soviet era. An important point: before painting, you should find out what the entrance walls are covered with, since acrylic and water-based paints will not lie on top of oil paints. The previous layers of paint will have to be removed or scored or primed with a primer over the old paint (or all three combined).

An interesting solution would be to paint using stencils. You can simply transform the walls with cheerful “polka dots” or come up with an interesting border along the flight of stairs. This will take a couple of hours and a can of spray paint.

Silhouette stickers that stick to any surface will add a decorative accent. Photo wallpapers look no less interesting in the entrance.

And no one has canceled hand-painted walls. Just do not do this without the knowledge of your neighbors and without their consent.


Of course, you can send the excess of your indoor plant growing to the stairs - unloved ones, overgrown flowers, etc. But they are unlikely to decorate the site. If you decide to buy something right for decorating a flight of stairs, look for shade-loving plants that are tolerant of irregular watering. Contrary to the misconception of many, these are not cacti. Your choice is asparagus, fern, scindapsus (this is a liana), ficus and monstera (they can grow gigantic and make a jungle out of the entrance). Of course, you need to water and feed them, but not often: once a week on weekends is quite enough. What kind of stands? It’s better to have wall planters so that the neighbor’s child on a scooter or mom with a stroller won’t be angry at your phytodesign. It is advisable to hang it on the wall, away from drafts, but so that the plants still get daylight.

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