Wallpaper combination: modern options and rules for use in the interior. 105 photos and videos gluing master class

The modern interior is distinguished by originality and the implementation of the most daring ideas. You can achieve this result using a combination of wallpapers. Thanks to this solution, the interior becomes lively and dynamic.

It is worth noting that this innovation in the field of design was recently considered unacceptable. But in recent years, combining wallpaper of different styles and colors can be found more and more often.

Rules for combining wallpaper

Combinations of all kinds of variations are welcomed in the design of a modern style. This is not only a combination of different color palettes, but also a combination of opposing materials and textures.

The website https://interer.guru/category/oboi has interesting ideas on choosing and combining wallpaper in a modern interior.

It is worth noting that thanks to the combination of wallpaper in the interior, not only decorative effects are created, but also the size and area of ​​the room visually changes.

Such a combination will help zone the room, and if used successfully, you can disguise imperfections. But to achieve maximum results you need to know certain rules.

Wallpaper below

You can play with proportions in different ways. Step back about 40 cm from the ceiling and create a monochromatic frame using paint. Cover the lower part of the wall with wallpaper. Focus on the height of the furniture - for example, a closet. But be careful if the ceilings are too low - such a division will visually lower them.

Do not divide the wall in half - let the wallpaper occupy either a larger or smaller part of the surface.

Getting rid of shortcomings

To focus attention on a certain place in the room, to visually highlight it, just paste wallpaper in bright colors or with an original, catchy pattern.

Thanks to this technique, the attention of all visitors to the room will be attracted to the dedicated area. At the same time, the shortcomings present in other areas of the room will not be so significant.

The more you want to hide imperfections, the brighter the pattern of the main part of the room you need to choose. You can borrow ideas from photos of combined wallpaper.


If you are decorating a room with a full double bed, use this effective interior decorating method. Canvases with a pattern can become an organic continuation of the headboard - then before gluing it is necessary to take into account the size of the ordered or already purchased furniture.

Glue the wallpaper, going beyond the boundaries of the headboard, but “grab” half a meter to fit the bedside tables. This way the furniture will merge into the overall composition, and the papered wall will become a unifying background for the objects.

Zoning principles

Creating different functional areas in a room is not only a beautiful, but also a practical solution. There are different ways to accomplish this task.

The easiest and most affordable way is to use a combined wallpaper design. The functional area is highlighted using a contrasting color and wallpaper with a contrasting pattern.

Don't be afraid to experiment, you will get the most daring and original solutions.

The choice of zoning method depends on the purpose of the zone that needs to be allocated, as well as on the presence of partitions in the room.

For example, when we combine wallpaper in a hall or children's room in order to divide it into even parts, it is recommended to paste half the room in a bright color, and the second in more restrained shades.

To complete the task, install a decorative partition.

Useful tips

1. In the process of choosing wallpaper to combine, it is advisable to wear the same piece of wallpaper for which you need to select a pair. Although, it is best to compare rolled rolls of suitable colors. This is the only way to understand whether these wallpapers will combine with each other or not.

2. When combining vertically, you should use only wallpaper of the same thickness, because the different thickness of the wallpaper will be visible in clearly visible seams.

3. Don’t forget to try to “kill 2 birds with one stone” at the same time. Those. combine wallpaper and at the same time visually correct the shortcomings of the room. The room will appear taller if you paste or combine wallpaper in the form of different stripes. In rooms that are too high, you can use horizontal division and thereby visually slightly reduce its height.

How to place accents

If you are a novice designer, choose the easiest way to combine wallpaper - an accent wall.

Experts recommend placing emphasis on only one wall in the room. In exceptional cases, it is allowed to focus on two parallel or adjacent walls.

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The wall on which the accent is placed differs from the rest of the interior in color saturation, wallpaper texture, catchy patterns, or design style.

But it is worth remembering that it is necessary to comply with the style of the room’s design. Therefore, patterns and shades should resonate with the existing objects in the room.

If the size of the room does not allow you to zone the space, or highlight an entire wall, you should turn to the technique of a focal point.

This method involves highlighting a certain area of ​​the room using color and pattern. This accent is used to highlight the wall near the bed, fireplace, and paintings.


From leftovers or specially purchased wallpaper, you can create an attractive decor in the form of panels.
Cut out several canvases and stick them on the wall, 20–30 cm away from the floor and ceiling. This technique is self-sufficient in itself and successfully replaces paintings and posters. Do not glue a whole canvas: let its width be less than the standard one. Frame the joints with paint with moldings - this way the composition will become complete, and defects and joints will be hidden under a beautiful decor.

Photo wallpaper combination

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Paint on one wall

You can do the opposite: in order to save money, purchase plain wallpaper and not waste time on perfectly aligning the walls. Wallpaper with texture will hide minor irregularities. It will be much faster and cheaper to prepare a single wall for painting: use a dark palette to create visual depth or just a complex, noble shade.

The painted area will attract attention and become the main highlight of the decor. Instead of the usual composition, you can use blackboard chalk to write and draw on the surface with chalk.

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